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surak-toc wrote: View Post
this rocks, the premise has a massive impact, cannot wait to see this in its entirety
Glad you like the premise, hope you enjoy the prologue when it's up. Nearly done writing it, just getting a little done each day when I get the chance. Hope this has an interesting impact too when it's all said and done.

DarKush wrote: View Post
Really like the character names and new species names.
That's good to know, cause I wasn't too sure about some of them. lol I was going to post up profiles, but I think I'd rather show off these characters through the actual story instead. Find it allows for more creativity when done that way and more surprises.

Cobalt Frost wrote: View Post
I'll be interested to see how this develops, though every time I see the captain's name, I can't help but picture the Charles Gibson who was an ABC news anchorman. Also interested to see what this Pioneer-class ship looks like.
I'm glad you're looking forward to see the development of this story.
LOL, honestly I didn't know there was a real person with that name... now this explains why my dad gave me a funny look when I told him the name. XD The reason behind the name was more so cause of Patinkin watching Charlie Chaplin on Criminal Minds, and Gibson cause I didn't want to use "Gideon" cause he was called that on CM. lol And Gibson sounded like an interesting last name I haven't given a character before and kind of stuck in my head. It was also pretty easy to remember to be honest. lol

About the ship... I'll just say for now, it's a little bit bigger then the Galaxy. :3
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