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Re: How Powerful Are The Q / Continuum?

While the Q are undeniably magnitudes more powerful than any other known faction in Star Trek I don't really think that they have unlimited power.

For starters, the Q Civil War shows that not only can they apparently be killed but the way in which they kill each other, judging by the setting off of supernovae, seems fairly traditional- as in through the use of some sort of (highly advanced) weapons versus just blinking each other out of existence. Adding to that the word of Quinn - which even coming from a dissenter probably had at least some truth to it as these things usually do - and the fact that the relationship between the Q and the relatively unadvanced El-Aurians doesn't seem completely one-sided and I seriously doubt the Continuum has true omnipotence at their disposal.

I'd question Q's claims of omniscience as well seeing as there appears to still be room for debate and new ideas within the Continuum and I also doubt the Qs' abilities to see their own futures.

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When they make a new Trek series, a two-part episode that explores the Continuums limitations, maybe even finds the source of their power, would be awesome.
''It would take the mystery away, just like they did with the borg.''

This is what other people probably will say But i don't care, i even loved the Borg episodes on VOY.

Didnt Q say that humanity might be even more powerfull then the Q in the future? That would imply that the Q are not omnipotent, since humans (And most likely technology) can surpass the Q in one way or another.
Personally I'm one of the people who dislikes how the franchise handled the Borg in later years (for me it wasn't really an issue of 'taking the mystery away' but rather the fact that they just seemed to take the Collective's teeth away almost entirely over just a few seasons) but I actually wouldn't mind them doing the same with the Q. To be honest I never liked the idea of the Q because I feel that any force that can completely alter time and reality at will essentially makes the importance of character actions and decisions moot and thus fictional worlds should avoid the inclusion of omnipotent beings altogether.

Of course I have similar feelings about the use of time-travel but good luck separating that particular bushel of thorns from the Star Trek universe.
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