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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

Rock Jocks - Netflix Instant
Redemption - Netflix Instant
Olympus has Fallen - Netflix Instant
TNT Jackson(1974) - Netflix Instant
Foxy Brown - Netflix Instant
Empire State - Netflix Instant
Brotherhood of Death - Netflix Instant

Watched a couple more Blaxploitation movies the today, thanks to Netflix's suggestion since I watched TNTJ.

FB has Pam Grier gettin' revenge against a honkey drug cartel for the death of boyfriend by posin' as a high priced prostitute.

BoD is a group of black Vietnam veterans who returned to the south and take on the KKK.

And between those two, I watched the 400th "new to me" movie of the year, Empire State which stars Liam Hemsworth as a security guard who helps his lowlife friends rob an armored truck company. Based on a true story of the largest cash robbery in U.S. history, it has Dwayne Johnson as NYPD detective investigatin' the theft.

Not too bad a movie.

Been watchin' first season Futurama and second season Leverage episodes today, too.
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