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Re: "Errand of Mercy"

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I think "go climb a tree" has much more style, and it doesn't sound like one is losing one's cool. The alternative is vulgar and uncreative.
Major issue of mine, this 'need' to stick in obligatory swearing. It reminds me of younger days, when some stupid kid would say of a comedy album of HBO special, "It's funnier, it's got all the swears." as if it were some major plus in and of itself.

I get it: kids will blast loud music, because mom or dad would say "Turn it down.". Ergo, "Watch your language" becomes a force-field to block one from freedom of expression. I am a strong proponent of content being 'restricted', for a) the very creative reasons Metryq mentions, and b) no rules creates a free-for-all. Swearing, like salt, should be used sparingly.

Kirk's "Let's get the hell out of here" at the end of City on the Edge of Forever, mild-sounding though it be, has impact because he rarely speaks that way. Maturity is knowing when not to say something, not to just say it.

Sorry, I'm getting carried away. I'll stop now...
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