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Ideally I like to have three running days and three lifting days per week. Last week or two I've taken a little break but I want to hit it hard the next two weeks because I've got a Spartan Race coming up.

For running I like to do one speed run, one long run, and one hill run per week. For exercise I like to mix it up. A lot of focus on push ups and pull ups because my biggest weakness at obstacle course races are monkey bars and rope climbs (And the burpees when you fail an obstacle). But also a variety of core stuff, some dumbbell stuff, etc.

Had to cut today's workout short because of some acid reflux. Don't know why that seems to happen at home a lot, because when I go to a gym and pay for a workout it never happens. (Maybe because in that case it's early morning and all I've eaten is cereal?)

Over the summer I loved working out to American Ninja Warrior. Such great motivation. Don't know what I can use for that in the winter.

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