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Re: A polled thread about thread polls.

^How'd I forget a Tricorder? This thread is doing it's job. I'll also add a Medical Tricorder. Where the Tricorder can scan everything, the Medical Tricorder can only scan biomatter. Though the Tricorder can do everything a Medical Tricorder can do, it can't heal you.

Poll question:
If you could have one piece of trek tech, what would it be?

Answers so far:
A Tricorder (Everything is scannable)
A Medical Tricorder with Dermal Regenerator Attachment (Scans biomatter only)
A Universal Translator
A Food Replicator
A Transporter
A Warp Drive
A Cloaking Device
A Holodeck
A Phaser
An Android (Programmable and/or AI)
A Mobile Emitter (Programmable and/or AI. Also Visually Editable)
Leaving current question up for a bit longer but I think that's everything.

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