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Re: IDW Star Trek Ongoing...

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It was nice to see T'Pring but she is essentially a generic Vulcan who inevitably had to be cast in the role of 'love interest' or rather 'logic interest' in the context of Amok Time.
I saw nothing "generic" about T'Pring.

I thought initially that they were keeping T'Pau out of the comics because they wanted to use her in the sequel but that wasn't the case.
The movies aren't finished yet.
Wel, she was a woman I guess ;P but I meant she has no role beyond being Spock's betrothed, no wider significance to the plot, characters, or the Vulcan people. Obviously, in a comic where they have been cramming stories into two issues, most guest characters will be one note only and it's even harder to give a Vulcan personality. That's why I love T'Pau!

The writers of the movies may have a list of 'no-go' characters that they want to keep in reserve even if they never end up using them. That could be the real reason that Dehner didn't make it into the comic too.

However, if they have cast Chapel aside in the movies, I do hope that she gets some comic time instead. Maybe some wider repercussions if she persuaded some other captain to go to find Korby?
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