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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

76. Cast Away (B+)

One could argue that this movie represents the peak of Tom Hanks' film stardom, where what is virtually a one-man show set mostly on an island earned over $400 million worldwide (in Year 2000 dollars, over $500 million now). Catch Me If You Can two years later was also a hit; after that, it was kind of a low-key decade for him on film, until this year's Captain Phillips. Likewise, director Robert Zemeckis spent the next decade producing somewhat creepy-looking CGI movies, until last year's Flight (which also involves a plane crash, and also involves the PR aftermath, albeit to a much greater degree).

77. Fight Club (B+)

I remember seeing the ads for this movie when it came out and thinking it looked rather goofy (the bar of soap, in particular). Actually seeing it for the first time is an interesting experience; the atmosphere is very, very late 1990s, pre-9/11. Well-acted and well-directed, but I didn't think it was an exemplary piece of filmmaking that it's often cited as being (#10 on the IMDb, as of this writing). Also, the special effects in the final shot are rather bad, which takes away from the moment.

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