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Re: Interesting TMP poster

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This was pretty common back then. Pretty sure it was in Webster's room even, on the TV show of that name.
I never pictured Webster as Star Trek fan. Interesting.

Edit: Although there is this bit from Memory Alpha about Michael Dorn's guest appearance on the show's final episode:

Dorn has even played Worf a few times outside of Star Trek, for comic effect. In 1989, he appeared as Worf in the final episode of the television series Webster, entitled "Webtrek," in which Webster's Star Trek video game transports him to the USS Enterprise-D.
"He clapped his captain—his friend—on the shoulder. Yes, this man was very much like James Kirk, in all the ways that mattered." --Christopher L. Bennett-- Star Trek: Mere Anarachy, The Darkness Drops Again
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