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Well, she never acted as an assassin, had no sister, was named Dinah Laurel Lance, and didn't know Ollie until they met as superheroes. She also wasn't trained by the league of assassins, she was trained mostly by her mom's friend, ted grant aka Wildcat.
That's just one version though. There have been a couple of versions in the comics and one on Smallville.

The Golden age version went by the name Dinah Drake, didn't have the Canary Cry and was the daughter of a police detective. She also pretended to be a criminal at first. When she got her own strip she worked with police detective Larry Lance.

In the Silver Age she and Larry were married and lived on Earth 2. When Larry died she moved to Earth 1, gained the Canary Cry and became involved with Green Arrow.

In the Bronze they realized BC was getting too old ( she debuted in the late 40s) and pulled a retcon making the BC in the JLA the daughter of the BC in the JSA. (Though the elder BC was dead) She thought she was her mother though ( which is kind of ewwww). A very convoluted story.

After COIE, they stuck with the two Canary angle. But the elder Dinah was still alive and the younger version was trained by the JSA. Which is the version you're familiar with.

The Arrow version hits the key marks: Martial artist, Canary Cry and daughter of a crime fighter.
Well, I don't think having a cop dad = daughter of a crimefighter, but BC is more than a martial artist with gadgets (which is what her Canary cry is in Arrow, any gadget based hero probably has had a sonic device at some point, and yes I know the comic version used something like that when her vocal cords were damaged) anyway. Its basically just superficial similarities. Personality wise, neither Golden/Silver/Bronze/Post crisis versions were assassins, or were a-holes like Arrow BC has already admitted to being. Its like if they introduced superman and he was a depressing, murderer with no personality...actually, bad example. Basically, I'm just trying to say that a superhero isn't just made by their powers, its a way of acting.

Having similar or identical powers does not make you the same character, regardless of your name. Batman and Prometheus have several similar traits, but they're not the same person at all. For a different example, DC's pre Crisis Earth 2 Huntress (Helena Wayne) was, from a personality perspective, very different from the post crisis Helena Bertinelli, even though they were basically identical in appearance and powers. I'd say arrow BC has less in common with post crisis comic BC than the two versions of huntress had, but more in common than Batman and Prometheus have. Or, let's put it one more way. Arrow BC is about as much like the normal BC as Doc Ock's "Superior" Spider-Man is to Peter Parker's "Amazing" Spider-Man. Same powers, even (in Spider-Man's case) the same appearance, but wildly different people.

Also, just for reference, all my BC connections are to the post COIE version, which is almost certainly the best known comic version. So, no being her own mom or coming from Earth 2.
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