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Re: College Football 2013

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Did I reads this right?

Michigan State held Michigan to -48 yards rushing?

Nice win for my Trojans on Friday night, even if OSU was overrated to begin with. I've read a couple of reports that Lovie Smith is in the running for the head coaching job...

Yeah.. that rather shocked me. not that I think MSU wasn't up to the task of showing down the Wolverienie ground game - MSU's Defense is pretty solid all around. However, it's unconscionable to me that a Michigan running game could get hammered like that. It's offense overall has been so hit-or-miss this season.

Gotta confess that game causes me some concern. #1 - that it might make OSU a little overconfident heading into that last game of the regular season. And #2 - MSU might just have the kind of defense to slow down OSU's offense. Now, to be fair i don't think they have the offense to make a difference, but still....

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Georgia going down to Missouri is pretty unreal.
Nah--losing to that other team..trying to remember the name--same last name as the rich guy Cornelius--what whas his name--and the naval term that is now Rear Admiral lower half--the something -64 computer...
Missouri looks good but then let that game against SoCarolina get away from them. The biggest reason i think that they lost to Georgia was because the Bulldogs were so banged up to such critical players. That's no disrespect to Missouri, but I have to think that a health Gurley and Marshall plus those WR's would have been the difference
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