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Re: Highlander II unused ideas

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I actually like Endgame. Mostly anyway. It has some lovely sequences that really fit in with the spirit of the series, and the "modern" portions of the movie have the style I prefer to see. The music was good. The direction was good. The cinematography was good. You get the sense that they TRIED with Endgame. Sure it's undone by stupid Highlander-ish decisions -- the bad guy has a stupid posse made up of bad acting and little else, and they tried to channel Kurgan, again...and they really muddle Connor's story -- but it's not so bad. And it's got Methos and a realistic evolution of Duncan.

The whole "head count" thing in Endgame is dumb because it doesn't make much sense and it kinda cheapens the character of Duncan, who by sheer force of will and skill with a sword defeated many older, more experienced immortals during the series and could've eaten Jacob Kell for breakfast, no sweat.

And this is part of the problem. The best villians Highlander ever had were Kalas and Xavier St. Cloud. They weren't over-the-top blusterers, they were clever. They were skillful. They used their wits and they were truly dangerous. The movie villains are just cardboard silliness. If Highlander is ever rebooted, they need to go back to villains like Kalas.
I agree. Endgame certainly isn't without its flaws, and I'll admit I enjoy it partly because Bruce Payne is a skilled scenery chewer. Personally I liked that both Connor and Duncan have to face demons from their pasts that reflect part of the curse immortality can be. I think Reverend has a good point about the Kurgan, though. For the original film's context, he works even though it's cartoony.

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