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Re: New Star Trek TAS comic "Better Safe Than Sauria"

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Where'd Spock's belt materialize from?
As of right now, I'm supposing that either he (or whatever impostor he actually is) got one from a regular life-support belt locker near or on the way to one of the airlocks before stepping onto the hangar deck proper, or it's some kind of illusion.
But he's not wearing it when Scott find him, he stuns him, then runs off wearing it.
Oh, right. I missed that frame, frame #3, because it was off screen. And it was almost perfectly off screen. I didn't realize I had to scroll over.

I see what you mean. The part where Spock (or "Spock") gets a belt, say from a locker, before running towards the door to the hangar deck appears to be missing. Given that the bay appears to be exposed to vacuum, he do know, however, that he'd need a belt before going through the airlock, yes?
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