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Re: Green Arrow (CW)

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
"I like having you inside me."

Even the most conversationally awkward person in the universe would never say that.

That and walking in on Laurel...

Then breaking in on the family...

She's subtly introduced herself as the new girlfriend to the exgirlfriend and the entire family, and forced Oliver to think about having sex with her. That's some dark psy ops shit there.

If one or most of those bits happened on purpose, Felicity is playing the long game to marry a billionaire.
Look, I'ma let us all get back to the S2 tread in a moment, but I gotta say that this has to be one of Guy's best posts of all time - OF ALL TIME! The notion of Felicity deliberately planning to set herself up as Ollie's little-sister-ish Girl Wednesday only to scoop him up and seduce him several seasons down the road when he realizes that no one, even Laurel, can ever get him like she does is so hilarious I'd genuinely love to see it actually happen. "Some dark psy ops shit there" indeed.

Bonus points will be given if, right after they both take off their shirts, she breathes: "Yes... I am the Mandarin" before they lay on top of each other and the scene fades to black.
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