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Thoughts on Season 6

  • "Survival Instinct" - Really liked this episode. Good stuff for Seven's character.
  • "Dragon's Teeth" - I thought the concept was interesting, but I didn't much enjoy the episode.
  • "One Small Step" - It was at times slow, but I enjoyed the episode.
  • "The Voyager Conspiracy" - Another interesting concept. It was really neat to see the events retold as conspiracies. With the internet booming into widespread popularity, conspiracy theories about our history seemed to have a revival back then. At least that's how it felt to me at the time. So this was timely. I do wish they ended this episode by having the crew's distrust in each other leading to the destruction of the catapult and leaving them stranded again where they stand. This would cause some tension among the crew, and make people especially pissed off with Seven. I think that would have been the way to do it.
  • "Pathfinder" - Enjoyed seeing Barclay here. And I slightly welled up when Paris' dad said he was proud of him.
  • "Blink of an Eye" - I thought this was another interesting concept. The episode was okay. I'm sure someone has written a fanfic about the doctor's 3 years on the planet?
  • "Tsunkatse" - It was very cool to see Jeff Combs and JG Hertzler together again! Though I found it crazy that this was the first time they ever had a scene together even though they appeared in many episode together on DS9. Was it odd that a Hirogen was in this episode? Afterall, Voyager had catapulted 5 years ahead in the journey several episodes ago, and the last mention of the Hirogen before this was back in season 4 IIRC? Clearly they were way past any Hirogen? Also, the crew enjoying a boxing match seems to go against the "evolved humanity" concept. But perhaps it's because UPN was trying to cross-promote the WWE? The Rock's appearance could be a hint. As for this episode? Meh.
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