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Re: Once Upon A Time Season 3

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And Six seasons of Reba.

Every day, Scarlett Pommers her TV sister would wake up from her nap screaming "Jo, Joanna, Joanna, promise me, please promise that no matter how bad it gets that you will never do Star Trek... It will destroy you."
Well she did do Seaquest so she survived worse. She was the girl in an episode where they went a couple hundred years into the future and humanity was wiped out and all everyone did was play a virtual reality game or something.

I kinda thought it was going to be Ariel in the box, so now that it's not her makes me wonder who is in there. I guess it could be someone with a connection to a character on the island and given that Pan has made mention of Rumple's Father it's making me wonder if that is who is in the box.
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