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This is actually to the Bad Robot people's advantage, because Abrams is directing and Lindelof, Kurtzman, and Orci are producing
I don't know. As noted earlier, I think STID could've used someone outside of that group to pop the bubble of how clever they were being with reference A, B, and C and to pay attention to plotholes.
Opinions differ on the merits of an individual movie, but that's separate from the more general issue I'm talking about, which is whether writers are allowed to have creative control over a Hollywood feature film. The only writers who get to do that are the ones who are also directing or producing. Now, fortunately it seems to be getting more common for TV showrunners like Abrams and Joss Whedon to move into filmmaking, so hopefully that means the dysfunctional feature-writing process is starting to give way to something more writer-driven like we have in television. Whether you think a specific movie worked well or not, giving writers some actual control over their work is bound to be an improvement for the feature industry as a whole.

There's gotta be a mid-point between using writers as disposable stenographers and giving them carte blanche.
Maybe, but I'm not inclined to blame the writers for this movie's shortcomings. I feel that those shortcomings are no different from the ones you find in many other big-budget action movies these days, so I blame the studios and the industry for the pressure they put on filmmakers to conform to certain formulas (like the recent fad of overloading the third act with disaster porn).
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