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Re: Last Classic Who Story you watched

Death to the Daleks, which was ok, but not exactly memorable. The Daleks using projectile weapons was interesting, and they seemed quite sly and formidable up to a point (not sure why one of them decided to self-destruct just because one of his prisoners escaped, that’s not going to help matters is it!) although the comedy soundtrack that played every time they were on screen got annoying very quickly.

Pertwee was ok, but I don’t think he’ll ever be one of my favourite Doctors, and I didn’t think Sarah Jane was given too much to do apart from scream and be in peril. The humans were an odd bunch, and their motivations seemed to shift throughout the story without rhyme or reason almost as if they were switching scripts around.

I loved the location shooting though, as quarries go that really did look like another planet, and I thought the realisation of the Exillions (sp?) was quite well done for the time. I like the way they camouflaged themselves as rocks using sackcloth, it was actually very effective.
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