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Re: Strictly Come Dancing 2013

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Well Lonemagpie I'm guessing you're unhappy at Rachel departing the show, and frankly so am I. Although within the dance off it was the right result because Clancy is the better dancer, but neither of them should have been in the dance off and really the hairy biker's time has surely now passed.

And I felt really bad for thinking it, but moments after the thought crossed my mind; 'Wow I'd have thought Mark Benton would have started to lose some weight by now' my gf said the exact same thing!
Yeah, the loss of the best arse on the show is a major downer.

And what were either of them doing in the dance-off? Didn't Abby Clancy get the first top marks of the series on Saturday? How did she end up in the bottom two?

And how the fuck is Dave Myers still in it?

Oh well, at least Fiona's still in...
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