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Didn't have any skills?

They were in space and she was an astronomer.


Stay or go, Tom still knocked her up in the back of that V-Dub van.
I daresay that whatever Rain knew about astronomy would be utterly dwarfed in comparison to what 24th century astronomers would know.
Was it red dwarfed?

Now I can hear Rain saying "smeg" and Tom saying, "what was THAT?" and Rain saying..

It's clear to me I would be over Rain and her embarrassing 20th century name dropping and fauxbles in about one episode.
I've never been a fan of Red Dwarf.

Actually, I can see Neelix being ecstatic to meet Rain - here's somebody who isn't so serious all the time, whee! I can also see Rain taking one look at Neelix and asking to be taken back to where/when she came from.
"Let's give it to Riker. He'll eat anything!"

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