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Re: Voyager again, for the first time

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Re: Real life: A very affecting story... and a cute look into B'Elanna's preferred choice of reading materials.

Women Warriors at the River of Blood
I love that Paris nicks it too.

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As for B&A...

Kes' trip back changes things so Janeway survives the first encounter and manages to changes things for a third timeline.
Kes changes things within the episode, but anything that changes "after" the episode/before Janeway gets TS's is all the timeship's doing.
So four timelines? Jesus.

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I love B&A, and wish Voyager was brave enough to age Kes in the series the way they aged her in this one episode. Why have someone who lives a lifetime in 9 years and NOT let them live that lifetime?
Yeah that always sort of bugged me that it would never play out when she leaves. I think it was a good move doing this episode as a consolation at least. However I question the hair change. Not that I have a problem with the hair change, just doing it in a time travel story. We hit modern day and it took me a while to realise. The long hair made me think we were still in the future. Doing it next episode would have been clever. She sees herself with it, likes it, and grows it out in the past. Kes' hair becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.
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