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Re: Castle - Season 6 Discussion & Spoilers

TimmyWl wrote: View Post
I thought the episode was good. The whole time travel thing was tempered by the loss of Castle's daughter. It was sad that Castle had the last words "too soon".
cardinal biggles wrote: View Post
Okay, I know last week I said this episode looked like it was going to suck. I'm happy to admit I was totally wrong.

Usually when there's one of these conspiracy theory/paranormal phenomena episodes, Castle is decisively proven wrong at the end. I love that they left the door open just enough with Doyle vanishing and Beckett spilling the coffee on the letter. Really cool episode, and the guy who played Doyle gave an awesome performance. This is one I might watch again while it's available On Demand.
Kirby wrote: View Post
^^ Just gotta roll with it. I really liked this episode, it was well written, and well acted. It's best they just leave the time travel alone and never bring it up again, but it was a lot of fun. The one (very minor) thing that bothers me is that Alexis says that she can get work study money. Bullshit. I work in the Financial Aid industry and unless she legally emancipated herself, Castle's money would never allow her to be eligible for financial aid, which does include work study.
Just caught this, pretty damn good for a non-SF show (though they do have a lot of SF references, not the least Mal himself). I especially liked the way the time traveller vanished and the spill on the letter. Very cool. And yes, if they never do another episode like that again, it'll make it cooler.
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