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Re: The Opening Of Star Trek 3

I've stolen this from the last Sherlock Holmes film but what the heck.

Kirk is handcuffed (futurey handcuffs) to a bed. He's wearing skimpy blue underwear (just like Carol Marcus in STID).
Uhura and Marcus burst into this bedroom and basically laugh at Kirk as he tells them to free him. McCoy then comes in and exams him with the medical tricorder while ignoring Kirks orders to free him.
Eventually Uhura and Marcus try some dangerous type phaser thingy on the cuffs while Spock enters the room while phaser fire echoes behind him. He leans over and snapps the cuffs effortlessly and asks Kirk if he got the information. Kirk says Yes and Spock hands Kirks a phaser and they all make their escape.

OK its not perfect. I admit it.
I need to find a 'real' reason to have McCoy get naked but havent thought of one yet.
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