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Re: Moffat Promises "13 Episodes In 2014".

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I came across that article as well...dismissed it when I got to the end of it when it stated the 30th Anniversary would be airing on November 23rd. I assume from the looks of it that it's probably a tabloid paper site.
The Daily Express is a total rag. I know it's hard to think of something being like the Daily Mail, only worse, but that's what it is.
It's the Scottish Express though, although I don't know if they're related.

Nothing in that article makes much sense. Why go to the trouble of getting a big name in if he's only going to do one year? I could see the logic of two full series (ie 2x13 rather than 2x6). they might be concerned about Capaldi's age being a turn off, but this is surely compensated for by how well known he is, and to only offer him a one year deal, to be renegotiated at the end of that year, could back fire horrendously, because if Capaldi's a hit then his agent can squeeze the BBC for all they've got.

I will be amazed if we don't get at least 2 series out of Capaldi.
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