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with the exception of disappointing T'Pau's absence.
Since we don't know if T'Pau survived the canonical demise of Vulcan in the new timeline, the IDW writers may have been asked not to include her. You did get T'Pring. Maybe they wanted to feature both, but got one?
It was nice to see T'Pring but she is essentially a generic Vulcan who inevitably had to be cast in the role of 'love interest' or rather 'logic interest' in the context of Amok Time. T'Pau on the other hand is a legendary mature woman in a position of considerable power without being sexualised or linked to a male character at all.

We've had cameos from several admirals and commodores who survived the changes to the timeline. I thought initially that they were keeping T'Pau out of the comics because they wanted to use her in the sequel but that wasn't the case. It's just disheartening that one of the few female leaders in TOS is still absent after several Vulcan-centered stories and to date I've seen no story elements that might have benefitted from her dying off camera. Her absence is curious.
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