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Re: MLB Offseason 2013-2014

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After two shoulder capsule tears, Santana's career is most likely over. 134 pitches in that no-hitter certainly didn't help. He'll get a NRI from somebody, but I can't imagine anything more than that.
That contract will be nice to have off the books. Between age and injury, the Mets have a knack for signing star pitchers on the wrong end of their prime - Glavine, Pedro, Santana.

And their young pitchers have a tendency to get hurt and flame out. I'm really hoping the Harvey, Wheeler, Mejia combo isn't this generation's Isringhausen/Pulsipher/Wilson mess.

As for Santana, maybe someone takes a flyer on him. I can't see him being a mop up middle reliever that comes in a blowout once a week, or someone who hangs out in the minors half the year and makes a spot start or two, or gets called up in July or August to be a sacrificial arm as some hot prospect approaches his innings limit. Best case is as the 5th starter somewhere?
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