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Re: Temporal Cold War and the rest of Trek history

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But Noddy has a point. Riker and LaForge are, by the movie's own depiction, people who've studied Cochrane's life in obsessive detail. If Cochrane had an episode late in life when he ranted about cyborg aliens from the future come to kill him, they'd likely have at least heard of it even if it were just ``and we're embarrassed this great historical figure had a breakdown like that'', and when they travelled back in time to stop cyborgs from the future from killing Cochrane, yeah, it should've triggered some ``oh yeah'' memories and a moment of ``I guess he was wiser than we even guessed''.
Why would they have heard about that? Just because they studied Cochrane's life in detail doesn't mean they know every single thing that happened to him. A drunken rant like that would probably be passed off as rumor or innuendo than something worthy of serious consideration by Starfleet officers, if they'd have thought about it at all. Riker and LaForge were both taken aback by Cochrane's behavior throughout FC because the man didn't match up with the legend, at least not until he conducted his warp flight and helped bring about their future. Seeing his home planet from space for the first time was clearly a turning point for Cochrane, as he didn't resemble the legendary figure he was depicted as prior to that.

It's unlikely either man would've known about the incident in question, and even if they did, it doesn't necessarily mean they'd have connected it with the events of FC despite their being there.

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