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Re: Crazily shaped assignment patches

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And if they repeatedly switched back and forth that would be a sign of prime and alternate universes ... but they didn't.

It obvious that Starfleet occasionally changes the uniforms, and this could include the insignia. But why would the Defiant crew's uniforms change after they all were dead, and after the ship had move into another universe?

How about when the nacelles would switch from vents to globes with in an episode, because they reused older sfx shots.
I gotta wonder whether some fan somewhere has concocted an in-universe rationalization for this little gem from The Way to Eden. Perhaps the atmosphere of Eden creates mirror-reversed lens effects every now and then.
How about that mid-episode switch to an alternate universe in "Charlie X"? Kirk enters the turbolift in his gold uniform shirt, then we switch to an AU when he arrives on the bridge in his green wraparound.
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