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Re: Temporal Cold War and the rest of Trek history

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According to Trek author Christopher Bennett (and assuming I understand him correctly), if time travel from the future results in changes made to the past, those changes are only carried through to the era the time travel originated in if the time travelers return to their era, or information travels from the altered past to the future in some manner.
If time the universe and everything is holographic and each persons ‘imagination-action’ entropy conduits shape the reflections from the decoherent field dynamic, in real terms does this allow one to experience more than one existence with multiple outcomes in the same moment? Would imagination be a governing factor of times arrow be it a lifeline to a kind of cosmic potential where the future is more certain than the past because of itself? Why not.

If we weave both the Trek and Real Universes’ with this thought then anything is possible anything can happen does happen and is allowed, objectively in holographic terms there need be no violation; just interference patterns on a largely unchanged canvas.
Make it so.
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