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Re: Most Attractive Male

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Interesting. I haven't read much fanfic.
Some of it is dreck, of course, but some of it is surprisingly good. There are a lot of fan-written stories that are better than many of the Season 3 episodes... Some fan fiction is just adventures, as if they were new episodes, some is relationship fiction, and some is porn.

If you feel like reading some Star Trek fan fiction, two sites to try include Fan and Archive of Our Own. (I've linked to the TOS sections, though the sites include sections for nearly any fandom.) (I should also mention that both sites have customizable filters that allow the user to filter out any erotica on the site, if you don't want to see that. Or if you want to see nothing but erotica, you can set the filters for that.)

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Though I have to admit, the mind meld thing does sound kind of hot. ^_^
Doesn't it, though? Imagine being able to walk around in Spock's mind and see what's there. Spock's mind! What an amazing experience that would have to be.

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Yes, this. Well said.
*smile* Thanks!

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I feel like a lot of the characters don't seem to appreciate him as much as they should. Now, if I was on the ship, I'd appreciate him plenty. ^_^
I hear you! Yep, there are a lot of us lined up and ready to appreciate the hell out of the guy.

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I always just vaguely assumed that Spock's skin was supposed to have that weird tint to it, but now I'll always wonder if Spock wears make up. Thanks for that lol
*grin* Yeah, Nureintier and I are a dangerous combination.

I'm assuming that make-up is illogical, but I guess if wearing it were a Vulcan custom, Spock would manage to rationalize it for himself somehow.

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TOS era Kirk is beefy, and a bigger man than is fashionable now, but he doesn't look flabby to me. He looks pretty firm and attractive to me. I always like when Kirk takes his shirt off :P
You're right that standards of beauty are different now; for example, Shatner DID have chest hair, but they made him shave it off whenever he was going to appear without his shirt, because they thought the smooth look was more attractive or more heroic or something.

I have nothing against Kirk -- you couldn't have TOS without him, and I thought Shatner did a great job with the role. I don't mind it when he takes his shirt off, but it doesn't do a lot for me, either. And that's okay; there are plenty of women who have a crush on Kirk; the man certainly doesn't lack for admirers.

In 1969, when I first saw Star Trek, my mother had a crush on Kirk, and I had one on Spock. Since I was eleven at the time, my mother told me that I'd "grow out of" having a crush on Spock and learn to appreciate Kirk. I appreciate Kirk just fine as a character, but as a crush object, it's still Spock for me. It's been a lot of years since 1969, so I think maybe I'm not gonna grow out of this one.

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