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I really hated Torres' forehad. I hated it so badly ... It really should've been much more natural looking, especially at this stage, after so many years of Klingon makeup. Just a hateful look on an absolutely gorgeous actress ...
This is true. I wasn't an enormous Voyager fan, but I must admit the actress who played her daughter in the final episode was an absolutely fabulous bit o' casting!
Lisa LoCicero is currently playing Olivia Falconeri on General Hospital (see attached photo).

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I thought Tom Paris belonged more with Rain Robinson, of FUTURE'S END. What do you think? Their was some really good acting going on there, where I would have no trouble believing they were in love. I even heard the only reason Sarah Silverman wasn't in the cast after was because a deal fell through. But Paris and Torres always seemed kind of forced to me. I just didn't buy it ... maybe my hate for her rediculous headpeice is what threw me, I don't know ...
I thought it was too bad that Rain Robinson couldn't have joined them, but it wasn't like the crew actually needed her, since she didn't have any particular expertise in anything (the way Gillian Taylor did with the whales).
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