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Re: Time changed... When will it end.

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Waking up early, I realized there is a reason why we need daylight saving time. It's what happens in the morning, not necessarily at night. I like that it stays light later in daylight time, but the week leading up to the roll back, it doesn't really get light in the morning until after 7:00 AM. Do we really want to go to work or school with it still being dark? I know I don't, and the light does help me wake up in the morning.

You know sometimes I go to work before the sunrises and don't leave until after it's set. But we in many resepcts live in a 24/7 global age. But disregarding the global aspect of it I'm sure you are right many of hours would much rather goto work/school when it is light and return home before it gets dark.

But we all like the conveniance of going to the local supermarket, tanking up the car etc... Yet are less willing to work what is often called the graveyard shift (overnight).
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