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Re: Most Attractive Male

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I'm sure everyone who finds Spock attractive has their owns reasons. But there are so many great reasons to choose from. ^_^
Ah, so true!

I read a lot of fan fiction, and I find it interesting to notice what sorts of assumptions the authors of fan fiction make or what character qualities they choose to emphasize.

For example, in spite of Spock's being Vulcan, a lot of fan fiction authors assume that Spock would be MORE emotionally available than a human, not less. Why? Because Spock can do mind melds. We can only ever know what a human thinks or feels about us by what that person says or does, but Spock could take you into his mind and show you what he thinks or feels. Judging by the fan fiction, a lot of people long for that.

And the whole "minds locked together" and "parted from me but never parted" thing makes a lot of fan fiction authors assume that a Vulcan's spouse would be in constant telepathic contact with that person. Assumptions as to the nature of that contact vary from "could tell if he was alive or dead" to "could talk mentally as clearly as if aloud." Again, those people are assuming greater rapport with the Vulcan than they could ever find with a human.

The thing I probably see most often, though, when fan fiction authors fantasize about Spock, is the desire to soothe his loneliness and to diminish his alienation by accepting him in a way that this child of two worlds isn't accepted on Vulcan and rarely finds even on the Enterprise. They want to assure him that he's perfect exactly as he is, that he doesn't need to be more Vulcan OR more human, that both T'Pau and McCoy are wrong, and he need make no changes in himself. People want to take care of Spock, want to give him a home where he's fully accepted exactly as he is.

Thinking that women's attraction to Spock is about his aloofness misses a huge amount of what drives this phenomenon. Judging by the fan fiction, that's not even in the top ten.
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