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Re: Castle - Season 6 Discussion & Spoilers

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Given the chance, I'd pocket one coin. I may never be able to sell it, but it would be cool to have one nevertheless.
I'm suprised Castle didn't, and wouldn't be suprised if one showed up on his collectables shelves in his office at some point.
Guy, for all intents and purposes, lives with (and is soon to marry) a very perceptive cop.

And she's armed.

And she can withhold sex anytime she wishes.

You think Castle would risk that?

I've just recently rewatched some season 1 episodes (i always get a broad smile when they meet for the first time and i think "You're gonna fall in love!!" ) and it's very noticeable how much fun the early seasons were.

I'm not saying that Castle has become dull and unfunny but there is a noticeable difference. He was always the one for whacky theories (big part of his charm) but we all know he's doing it to annoy Beckett and have some fun.. lately you could get the impression he actually believes all this. He comes off as a very superstitious guy who's easily spooked (and he's not doing it for show purposes) and that's not the Castle i remember.

Well.. show is still good but i miss the old days sometimes.
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