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Re: Temporal Cold War and the rest of Trek history

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The problem is 7 of 9's statement in the episodes YOH and Relativity. Where she says the Borg were present during the events of FC.
But would Seven have "known" this prior to the events of First Contact?

Prior to FC was that information missing from her and all Borg , because it never happen ... until after the timeline changed.

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In the TNG episode Picard says that first contact with the Klingons led to decades of war. Yet if you watch Broken Bow, there is nothing resembling a preamble to war.
It's possible that Picard was not referring the first contact between Kilngons and Humans, but instead between the Klingons and another species who would later become a federation member. Picard daily drinks the federation kool-aid.

GameOn wrote: View Post
except second-hand accounts from the El-Aurians (who may not even have known where the Borg come from or where they vanished to).
The El-Aurians who survived might not have known at the time who it was who was destroying them, Guinan could have come by that information in later years through listening to others stories.

She put the pieces together.

Regeneration is obviously a sequel to FC. There are no problems there. Time travel adventures can leave things behind in the past. Similar to the arm of the Terminator in the 1984 film and the sequel T2.
Time travel can change the established timeline, instead of things being left behind, exist objecs can be removed. In Yester year, Spock pet was killed when he was seven tears old, but in the unaltered prime time line the pet didn't die at that time (possibly surviving through Spock's adult years).

Upon return to the present, Spock noted that the pet hadn't alway died at that time. It wasn't a predestined loop.

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