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Re: Time changed... When will it end.

running on local time everywhere would be a bit complicated, even in the computer age. But running a country on the same time 365 day a year would certainly be highly appreciated by most people.
Not all of us are so lucky as to have the luxury to get up after sunrise (which in my part of the world is around 9 am in December/January; 3 hours after I usually start work). Those who have to switch often suffer for weeks under that lag.
Personally, I take about 2 months to adjust to DST and about 1 week to switch back to regular time.

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The bar where I work is open until 3am. As a result of DST, we stayed open for an extra hour tonight, which people enjoyed. Plus it's a whole extra hour for me to make tips!
But did you get payed for the extra hour?
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