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Re: Time changed... When will it end.

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Anyone is free to set his clock to a standard global time. It's just that people can't agree on where on the globe the benchmark spot should be.
I thought it was long established to be this place.

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we've only had DST 25 years now and it's just one huge nuissance. It was introduced in order to save electricity but it's utter b-shit. The light you save in the evening is needed in the morning instead.
That's never been an issue for me. In my neck of the woods, even during DST, the sun comes up at least an hour before I wake up in the morning.

Add to it the physical problems the time shift causes everyone.
What physical problems? I've never had any.

I totally fail to see any advantages of DST. And since in this globalized world we have to deal with different time zones anyway, there's absolutely no reason why we should stick to the nonsense of the sun not being in the zenith at 12 o'clock for almost 8 months a year.
Standard time was originally instituted so the railroads could run on uniform schedules. Before standard time, every city, town and rural community set its clocks by the sun. Noon was whenever the sun was at its zenith, so the time could be different in places that were just a few miles apart.

Are you saying you're not just in favor of abolishing Daylight Saving Time, but abolishing standard time altogether? That would certainly throw everything into a tizzy!
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