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Re: Time changed... When will it end.

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I like that it stays light later in daylight time, but the week leading up to the roll back, it doesn't really get light in the morning until after 7:00 AM. Do we really want to go to work or school with it still being dark? I know I don't, and the light does help me wake up in the morning.
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That's one of the interesting thing about living at 48+ degrees latitude (Canadian border is 49) and on the western edge of the (central) time zone. In the winter, the sun doesn't come up until damn near 9.
Yeah, my city is around 45, and I'm accustomed at going to work (and to school back then) when the sun isn't up yet, so all the hand wringing at having to wake up before sunrise doesn't move me much.

Funnily enough, I often forget that the US is located at a lower latitude compared to Europe (or, looking at it from the opposite side, thanks to the Gulf stream Europe is much warmer than North America at the same latitude).

New York is at the same latitude than Naples (100 miles South of Rome), and yet it snows heavily in winter. My city is at the same latitude of Minneapolis, and yet we enjoy a much warmer climate.
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