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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for the Aurora, the groovy little spaceship commandeered and used by Dr. Sevrin and his followers in 2269.
B is for Braums. Dr. Leah Braums. Who bore a very striking resemblance to Captain Benteen. Right down to the mole.
C is for Constellation-class starships of the late 23rd and the 24th centuries.
D is for the USS Defiant. Which dissappeared through a interspatial rupture in the Tholian sector.
E is for the Enterprise-E, the sixth Federation starship and the eighth warp-capable spacecraft to bear the name if you count the early 22nd century ringship and the NX-01.
F is for Feinberger. So simple looking, yet so advanced.
G is for Gorn reflexes. Depending on which universe you're talking about they were either fairly slow or pretty quick.
H is for Heisenberg Compensators. If they don't work. Instead of transporting safely; you turn into a big pile of blue meth.
I is for Ilia's shiny, shapely, smooth and sultry bald head.
J is for Jefferies tubes.
K is for Klingon D7 battle cruisers of the 23rd century.
L is for L-374. The crew of the Constellation died when the planet killer consumed the third planet of that system.
M is for Miramanee. Another hot chick that James Kirk knocked up.
N is for Nanite technology.
O is for on some kind of star trek. Zefram Cochrane realized that Picard and company were astronauts doing this.
P is for Parasitical Beings. The mutated Nomad probe considered organic life forms such as humanoids to be these.
Q is for queen to king's level one, the correct countersign to queen to queen's level three.
R is for Romulan Warbirds, which by the late 24th century were considerably larger than the biggest Federation starships then in service.
S is for Sausalito, which Kirk couldn't get to without a lift.
T is for longstanding Tholian border disputes and skirmishes with the Federation, which seemed to dwindle with the advent of improved relations in the latter half of the 24th century.
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