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Re: 'All Our Yesterdays' theory

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For what it's worth, I decided that, for the purposes of my book, Atoz's doubles were solid holograms as seen in the later Trek series. Sure, that probably wasn't the original intent back in 1968, but who's to say that Sarpeidon wasn't a generation ahead of the Federation when it came to holographic technology?
No problem there, really. For some reason I have no issue with that in novel form, but it would bug me if it were done on a series episode. Funny, what is acceptable to us and what is not!

I'd gotten the idea in my head about Atoz and Losira replicas being very similar technology because of their similar attributes. Neither seem to be very formidable. Atoz told Kirk "You have done away with my replicas.". That certainly was an easy fight for Kirk, he hardly did anything! And Losira got pushed around pretty easily, too. I actually thought it was kind of refreshing to see artificial beings who weren't physical titans.
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