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I really hated Torres' forehad. I hated it so badly ... It really should've been much more natural looking, especially at this stage, after so many years of Klingon makeup. Just a hateful look on an absolutely gorgeous actress ...
It kind of looks like an abacus.. or a horseshoe crab underbase.

And I bet she was born with a mouthful of horrible twisted Klingon teeth but got them humanized as soon as she was a teenager. She doesn't have them when see her as a child but that's because she has blanked this horror out and remembers herself with her current teeth.
... HA!!! Aww ... that poor girl. I really loved Roxanne Dawson and by extension - I suppose - Torres, too. But that forehead had to go. What's more - and forgive me, Jesus, for saying this, but - I thought Tom Paris belonged more with Rain Robinson, of FUTURE'S END. What do you think? Their was some really good acting going on there, where I would have no trouble believing they were in love. I even heard the only reason Sarah Silverman wasn't in the cast after was because a deal fell through. But Paris and Torres always seemed kind of forced to me. I just didn't buy it ... maybe my hate for her rediculous headpeice is what threw me, I don't know ...
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