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Re: 'All Our Yesterdays' theory

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What I want to know is, if Zarabeth was exiled to live out the rest of her life alone in a frozen wasteland, why does she dress like a sexy jungle girl?
Aside from Melakon's quite right guess, it could also be related to Spock's comment that the cave was "agreeably warm". That could be Vulcan lingo for "Man, it's hot as hell in here!"
And that's coming from a Vulcan, mind you, who is accustomed to hot climates. I'm guessing it got pretty toasty in that cave.

For what it's worth, I decided that, for the purposes of my book, Atoz's doubles were solid holograms as seen in the later Trek series. Sure, that probably wasn't the original intent back in 1968, but who's to say that Sarpeidon wasn't a generation ahead of the Federation when it came to holographic technology?
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