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I haven't read the latest issues of Ongoing yet but I also believe gender quality is a current issue and should be addressed here.

The main cast is predominantly (white) male, so true equality cannot be achieved. But accepting this limitation still allows to judge the equality the rest of the plots and characters to be measured by our 21st century standard. The new ST is derived from a 1960s series but still produced in the 2010s. It cannot evade contemporary ideals of society, Imho.

It's nice to see that the comic features two semi-regular female security guards and Zahra even got some character development in the latest issue. I'm still hoping they give Rand the same treatment but more generally, it's nice to see them elaborating on the wider cast a bit more. I'm enjoying the Sulu sub-plot too. Although I hope they keep his sister around for more than one story, it's entirely possible that she's a Section 31 plant.
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