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Re: 'All Our Yesterdays' theory

Metryq wrote: View Post
So maybe someone stepped through into the future and got fried. We can only hope it was Zor Kahn.
Agreed. One less tyrant on any world is a good thing.

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
(This is the part where I hint that Sarpeidon plays an important part in my upcoming Trek novel, No Time Like the Past . . . .)
Nice! It's so good to see these stories "live on". I guess they really are part of our modern mythology!

Hollywood Werewolf wrote: View Post
What I want to know is, if Zarabeth was exiled to live out the rest of her life alone in a frozen wasteland, why does she dress like a sexy jungle girl?
Aside from Melakon's quite right guess, it could also be related to Spock's comment that the cave was "agreeably warm". That could be Vulcan lingo for "Man, it's hot as hell in here!"
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