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Re: Temporal Cold War and the rest of Trek history

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... according to Daniels the Xindi attack never happened in the original timeline ...
In the prime timeline, there isn't a chasm down the middle of Florida.

And how do we know this? We don't, of course.

I mean, Florida was never even mentioned, let alone seen, in all of trek prior to this time. So for all we know, Florida-TOS *did* have that chasm in it.
Even if Florida was seen in TOS or TNG, they've had ample time to fill in the chasm and restore everything.

TheSubCommander wrote:
I'm of the belief that Enterprise and the Temporal Cold War and Xindi Arc events created the Abrams timeline, even before Nero and Spock altered that timeline further, because of how advanced the Kelvin is compared to the original TOS Enterprise, and the events of Enterprise occurred without the Temporal Cold War and the Xindi Arc lead us to TOS\TNG\DS9\VOY.

After all, the only thing in Trek to survive the Abrams reboot was Enterprise.
Is the Kelvin advanced? It was big and had a lot of shuttles, but I don't see anything beyond what TOS Trek had or what could have been built 30+years prior. The NX-class looks far more modern than the TOS Constitution-class, but as we saw in "In a Mirror, Darkly" they're no match.
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