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Re: Dracula - NBC

Christopher wrote: View Post
Except if Jonathan and Mina are meant to be the real protagonists, it's a fault of the casting that they're played by two of the least interesting performers.
Really? I haven't had issues with either thus far. Jonathan has been suitably milquetoast, and Mina finding her inner confidence in the second episode worked for me. These characters don't require subtle performances.

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
A couple of observations:

1) Dracula may appear to be playing a more heroic role, at least in his opposition to the evil oil barons, but he's still not above murdering some poor hatcheck girl now and then ....
That's a little bothersome. Stoker's Dracula was markedly subtler with his feedings than that, at least until the point where people like Van Helsing and Seward had caught on to what he was doing.

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
2) What sort of kick-ass vampire hunter is Lady Jayne if she can't even tell when she's sleeping with one? (I guess there are no mirrors in her boudoir?)
Perhaps that's a trope they're ignoring for this series. It's a trope that never made any sense to me.

I'm not really sure what to think of Jayne just yet. I feel like her overconfidence is going to get the best of her, and I'm not entirely sure if Dracula knows that she's the Order's chief vampire hunter. (Though after the end of episode two, he should know that now.)
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