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Re: What Do You Want To See In Next Star Trek TV Series?

This is what I don't want to see:

1. Incessant time shifting. "Three years ago", "6 months later", "3 months ago" every other scene. After three episodes of "The Event", I had no idea what or when the hell I was watching anymore and was unable to discern WTF was going on.

2. Fake long-term arcs. In other words -- writers leaving us hanging every single week and pretending that they have this long drawn out plan, when they're really just making it up as they go along, and acting as if the viewer is a dumbass for not figuring out the alleged "clues" that were spread throughout the series when there really weren't any, ala BSG, Enterprise, or to a greater extent V-2009.
"You have been examined. Your ship must be destroyed. We make assumption you have a deity, or deities, or some such beliefs which comfort you. We therefore grant you ten Earth time periods known as minutes to make preparations."
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