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Re: Most Attractive Male

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TOS era Kirk is beefy, and a bigger man than is fashionable now, but he doesn't look flabby to me. He looks pretty firm and attractive to me. I always like when Kirk takes his shirt off :P
Well, I'm not going to call TOS-era Shatner gross or anything, but I kind of would have preferred it if he kept it shirt on more, and maybe if Spock took his clothes off more often.

Why can't you just all see it?
Shatners just not attractive with his shirt off. He's just - I don't know - wrong. Flabby's not the right term. Maybe weirdly shaped. Maybe if he had chest hair. I can't pinpoint it. But no.

I know there's nothing wrong with my perception, so it must be all of you.

Haha, yeah. I agree that he's not attractive with the shirt off. Still, I think it's hilarious how often his shirt gets ripped off, so I can at least appreciate it for that reason.
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