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Re: Kitbash Datasheets - some finished ones

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Do you have an aft-view of the Dominion? I couldn't figure out how the third nacelle attaches? (sorry if this has been covered in your orthos thread, or elsewhere).

Damn, didn't think of that. It's just on a pylon sticking straight up from the "manifold" hump. Maybe if we have some down time at work this week...

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Forbin that is fantastic work these are screaming to be printed out in 11 x 17
It's hard to tell from the raster conversions, but most of them are proportioned for A2 and/or engineering C-cize (17x22). I started using those sizes when I had an Epson 1520 printer at home, which prints those sizes. Then it died, and the new models cost a freakin thousand dollars! Geez!!
Thanks that is good to know biggest size my Hp can do do is 13 x 19 but that is not a common size sheet. I need to get a
a second hand plotter to plot out some of this material.

for now I'll just have to enjoy them on the screen
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