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Re: 'All Our Yesterdays' theory

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We can speculate as to exactly why he didn't just have her killed, but it seems it would have been bad public relations for some reason.
Considering what a hottie Zarabeth is, maybe her original punishment was to become a palace slave. Maybe the guilty family members were also palace slaves, placed right where they could see her humiliation for something they had done. Then Zarabeth refused to "cooperate" and told His Heinous to go pound sand.

No witnesses to Zor Kahn's embarrassment could be allowed to live. Then His Nastiness's ego kicked in and gave him the fiendish idea to use the atavachron. If He was not good enough for her, then He'd banish her to a cold and desolate world to live out her life in utter loneliness.

(Incidentally, this whole scenario means the Sarpeidons probably had the atavachron long before they knew their sun would go nova.)
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